Testimony by

Heinz Klein

Heinz Klein was deported to a concentration camp the day after the November pogroms and flew to Palestine immediately after his release.

Heinz Klein at the age of 89 (Vienna 2006)

„I fled to Palestine from Vienna on an illegal transport.“

My father’s practice, in which I had always worked, was Aryanized in May 1938. Thus my father lost his livelihood and I lost my job. On 10th November 1938, I was arrested and deported to Dachau [Germany]. After about six months they released me and I fled to Palestine from Vienna on an illegal transport.

My parents were turned out of their apartment in Graz and had to move to Vienna. My father worked at the Jewish community there and was responsible for Jewish emigration. He was in charge of the provincial department, and so he organized an illegal transport of circa 240-250 Jews from Graz, who fled to Palestine and actually also made it there.

“They could only take along a few small things.”

After my father realized that the situation was also getting dangerous for him and my mother, they escaped to Palestine on an illegal transport, too. That must have been in 1940. They could only take along a few small things, and many of these were lost in subsequent moves.

Big photo above:

The ship Parita, carrying 850 Jewish refugees, lands on a sandbank off the Tel Aviv coast. The British arrested the passengers and interned them at Atlit detention camp.

Photo taken in:

Palestine, August 21, 1939.


USHMM/Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz


Heinz Klein

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Tanja Eckstein


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The image in the background shows a destroyed shoe store in Vienna on November 10, 1938
(Photo: Wiener Library/DöW F. Nr. 6392)

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